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Be Safe. Be Kind. JourneeWell.
Introducing a new monthly kit featuring PPEs, wellness, and germ 
fighting products packed into our antimicrobial Go Bag.


How It Works.



Changing times are creating a demand for new ways to meet personal hygiene needs. The JourneeWell Kit is for the consumer who wants to care for themselves and loved ones at home or wherever they go. No more standing in Lin or checking online for inventory. JourneeWell subscribes have peace of mind.


Be kind to yourself, be kind to the world. Because our products feature sustainable, reusable packaging, and ingredients your household can feel good about the environmental and health impacts of your purchase. In response to the current needs of the world, JourneeWell donates a PPE to medical and essential staff for each kit sold.


The JourneeWell kit took shape as we explored new ways to promote self care and thrive in spite of living in a new world filled with uncertainty. To “JourneeWell” through life is to prioritize your physical and mental well being while engaging with the world through acts of kindness and service and with good intent.

JourneeWell Subscription Options

• Long term supply security • Donations of PPEs with every kit • Direct to consumers •
• Subscriptions save 50% -70% off retail
• Monthly delivery •
• Delivered to your door
 • Hassle-free protection •

JourneeWell Solo

Personal care product supplies delivered to your home for the individual.

JourneeWell Family

Personal care product supplies delivered to your home for a family of four.

AWAY Basic

A PPE kit plan based on your monthly needs, made giftable with thank you notes to honor our essential staff.

AWAY Essential

A medical grade PPE kit for medical, first responders, TSA, and active military members.*- ID Confirmation required.

AWAY (Employer)

Individually packaged PPEs for everyday protection of employees, including KN95 masks. These customizable kits are available for employers that require more than 100 subscriptions per month. Kit pricing is based on kit customizable contents.

Appreciation Kit

Individually packaged PPEs, including a disposable mask with filtration and a thank you notecard. Kits are available to purchase individually by kit subscribers at $3 each.

Fresh, Natural, & Sustainable

We produce sustainable products, including certified organic ingredients whenever possible. We believe in balanced hand care: our kits feature formulations that cleanse, moisturize, and nourish the skin. All products are made to order ensuring that their natural ingredients are perfectly preserved.

We use the CDC recommended 70% isopropyl alcohol in all of our sanitizing products. Our packaging utilizes recycled materials and the product line is designed to ensure packaging can be refilled, repurposed and reused. 

Your Health is Our Priority.

JourneeWell was born out of a desire to prepare my own family and community with a stable supply of the health and wellness products. Armed with an international supply chain, I set out to create a kit that would give me peace of mind, while contributing to the fight against our growing public health crisis. The idea that everyone can make a difference in their own way has never been more true. I invite you to join the JourneeWell community and help me donate 1 million PPEs.
– Kevia Jeffrey-West, JourneeWell Founder