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Zero Waste

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

On this planet,
we're better together .

No matter where we’re from or what experiences we’ve had, we all call the beautiful planet Earth home. As the 2020s begin in earnest, we know we’re not the only ones feeling the excitement of a new decade and making goals for the future – and taking care of the Earth and the people around us is at the top of our list!

This Journee is about awareness, sustainability, and setting a positive course for the future. Featuring items that are reusable and made to last, the Zero Waste JourneeBox inspires and empowers greener, happier living.

Reduce, reuse, recycle is our mantra for this Journee! And it’s more possible than you think — many people around the world are taking strides toward more sustainable methods, and items in this JourneeBox are inspired by different countries as well as traditions in history that can help us create a bright future for us all.

Kevia Style’s No-Waste Journee

As a brand focused on sustainability, we are excited to become even more Earth-friendly. In this JourneeBox we used less plastic, more sustainable packaging, and learned all we could about the growing Zero Waste movement. We know this process is not an easy or fast one, but we believe every step in the right direction is worth the effort.

In our continual efforts to become more sustainable, we’ve made some serious changes to this JourneeBox:

• This Zero Waste Booklet is provided to you digitally to save on paper.

• Each JourneeBox itself is more recyclable than ever, with no plastics or metals. Even the ink is made with soy, instead of common metallic ink, for easier recycling.

• We cut down on plastic used as the additional packaging around each item inside the box, and only used it when necessary to protect the products. We are searching for more biodegradable plastic options for the future.

• On the inside of each JourneeBox is a list of helpful Zero Waste tips. See what you can change in your own life to support the world’s efforts to go green.

• And, as always, a percentage of our proceeds goes to supporting causes in the community for healthier, happier, more successful people on this Earth.

We are proud of our lower-waste efforts, and hope to continue moving in a no-waste direction. The more demand there is for sustainable materials and practices, the more accessible companies will want to make them. So join us in taking little steps every day to create more demand by supporting sustainable brands and policies and change the world together!

Nordiska Soap Dispensers

Sweden is on a crusade to tackle the issue of ever-growing piles of trash with intense recycling efforts. Not to be dissuaded by the size of the problem, Sweden has found a way to turn trash into treasure – helping to cut waste levels and increase revenue for the country!

This Journee includes your own little slice of sustainability inspired by our Swedish friends’ love of the environment and their ingenuity: the Nordiska Soap Dispenser. Not only is this dispenser sustainable, they’re also the perfection addition to your home décor. Skip future disposable soap bottle purchases and instead save money by buying soap refills in bulk or using your own homemade soap recipes. Available in black, white, or green.

Read more about Sweden’s amazing recyclable energy endeavors: Sweden's Recycling Revolution

Vietnamese Seagrass Belly Basket

The next treasure in this JourneeBox is the biodegradable and friendly sourced Vietnamese Seagrass Belly Basket. Seagrass Baskets are part of Vietnam's culture and history and our Zero Waste baskets use Vietnamese materials and craft techniques with a modern twist and design. Practical, fashionable, and environmentally sustainable – you’ll love this basket!

Often called “the lungs of the sea,” seagrass has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. From housing to handbags, seagrass is a great source for raw material, making it the ultimate green product with a rich cultural history.

Our Zero Waste Seagrass Belly Basket meets all your needs and is a perfect basket to stash away balls of yarn, use as a planter, or for decorative storage!

Delft Blue Eco-Bag

Delft Blue Eco-Bag

Piles and piles of plastic bags are a thing of the past! But there’s no need to sacrifice your personal style when you go green. Inspired by the long-lasting earthenware of the Netherlands, the Delft Blue style is a reminder of a time when things were made to last and made beautifully. This Delft Blue Eco-Bag is both charming and sustainable, perfect for a run to the local produce stand or a carry-all on errands.

Collection of Delft Blue plates from Holland.

The Delft Blue Eco-Bag is made of organic cotton and is unbleached by harsh chemicals. Reusing items such as bags and water bottles can make a huge difference in protecting the Earth. We can make the choice every day to create a positive future for ourselves and future generations.

Svensk Servett

Swedish Dishcloths

Another item inspired by Swedish innovation. Invented in Sweden during the 1940s, Swedish Dishcloths are made from 50% cotton and 50% cellulose bamboo viscose, printed with environmentally friendly ink. Long lasting, reusable, and super absorbent, these Svensk Servetts replace disposable paper towels and sponges. These dishcloths are a great way to spend less money while reducing waste. And they’re so cute, too!

This three pack set is printed with a water-based, environmentally friendly ink and is 100% biodegradable. Worried about throwing away the paper packaging around the dishcloths? No need! The paper packaging is perforated, so you can tear and reuse them as no-waste gift cards.

These dishcloths can be cleaned in the washing machine or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can boil them or microwave them (when damp) for one minute. Hang over the faucet or lay flat to air dry. The dishcloths should last several months - when finished, you can compost them!


Wheat Straw

Wheat straw plastic is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic that’s taking the entire world by storm! And that’s a Journee that we can’t wait to share with you!

Left over from agricultural processing, wheat straw plastic is compostable and incredibly durable. Representing the future of Bioplastics in a nutshell, these colander’s represent new materials for a new century! Not only is the material more sustainable, but the design makes it more convenient to keep your gray water, which can be reused around the house to conserve water. Hand wash for best results, but this colander is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

These colanders will be the iconic new addition to your kitchen and a fascinating topic for your next dinner party.

Cold Press
Soap Bar*

Soap making is an art more than four thousand years old. Historically made from all-natural materials, soap has been used since 2800 BC for keeping the world around us cleaner as well as for healing purposes. With the introduction of modern chemical processes, soap making has become less natural and often results in more plastic waste. In our Journee to find better ways to look after the Earth, we couldn’t help but love this soap bar throw-back!

Safflower Rendering Swirl Soap Bar

Safflower soaked olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, grape seed oil, safflower, orange blossom essential oil, reddish mud powder.


Lemon Peppermint Jasmine Soap Bar

EV olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, lemonade, lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, jasmine essential oil, rosewood essential oil.

Thyme Lavender Soap Bar

EV olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, thyme essential oil, lavender essential oil, sea salt.


Rose Petal Milk Soap Bar

Rose soaked olive oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, apricot walnut oil, milk ice cubes, Damascus Rose Hydrosol, rose essential oil, ylang ylang.


Infused with carefully curated essential oils from India and other natural ingredients, these cold press soap bars are reminders that time and effort are worth the benefits of more sustainable lives. With the cold press saponification process, these bars are made from lye and oils, carefully mixed without heat. The natural chemical reaction takes four to six weeks to set, and the result is amazing craft soap made with wonderful moisturizing and calming essential oils!

Learn more about the cold soap process and how you can make it at home:
• Saponification In Soap Making. 
• What Does Cold Processed Soap Really Mean.

* Special Note: Not all customers will receive cold press soap due to demand exceeding production.
Some customers may receive Via Mercato Primavera Shea Butter Soap - Made in Italy

Qingdao Jewelry Set

Earring Drops

Metallic drop earrings are a timeless staple for every wardrobe. Inspired by the teardrop shape found in nature, such as flower petals and water droplets, these earrings carry the beauty of the Earth in every natural metal fiber. With one of three possible style options included in this Journee, you’ll receive a unique pair just for you.

Two Tone Pedal Earrings

Silver Hammered Hoops

Gold Hammered Hoops

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Kevia Style jewelry strives for highly ethical and sustainable means. We follow the principals of the Fair Trade Federation and awareness of impact. Our jewelry is hand-made from recycled metals, using sustainable methods such as vegan carving wax, conflict free gems, and locally sourced materials.

Annual Members Gift
Metallic Drop Necklace

For our wonderful and supportive Annual JourneeBox subscribers, the Zero Waste package includes one of these beautiful metallic necklaces. Completing the set of natural element inspired jewelry, these necklaces are guaranteed to wow your friends and serve as a reminder of humanity’s combined efforts to make the world a better place.

If you would like to receive the Annual Subscriber’s Gift included in future JourneeBoxes, be sure to upgrade your subscription. You’ll save money, and receive more treasures in every Journee!

Zero Waste JourneeBox

Our Zero Waste JourneeBox is an effort to take small steps forward and make our world a better place. Enjoy the Journee!

Stay tuned for JourneeBox Kyoto

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