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Chocolate Spa Day Bundle


Handmade in Mexico by our partner Ah Cacao, the products are sustainably made in a solar-powered factory. Utilizing only the finest natural ingredients, each cacao pod is harvested by hand, fermented in wooden boxes, then lightly roasted. Enjoy a taste of the Maya Riviera with this culinary and beauty bundle. 

Turn your bath or shower into a delicious smelling spa experience with natural bath products made from real cacao. Tested on willing humans only.

Each bundle includes:

Chocolate Body Oil: Revitalize your skin with this blend of natural oils (1.4 fl. oz)

Chocolate Body Bar: Luxurious chocolate soap that cleanses and invigorates (3.5 oz)

Chocolate Shampoo: Softens and strengthens from root to tip while cleansing down to the pores, giving your hair a healthy shine (4 fl. oz)

Milk Chocolate Bar: Milk chocolate made from Mexican cacao (2.64 oz)