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Jewelree Haus - Monthly Subscription 2021


Discover and show off your ideal style with a Jewelree Haus monthly subscription. Receive three winning jewelry pieces every month: a Jack, a Queen, and a King, respectively perfect for everyday wear, nights out, or special occasions.

Build your Haus:

Choose a style deck and get ready to receive your first Jewelree Haus box the following month with 3 specifically designed pieces for that style.

Try a new Suit:

Unlike other jewelry subscription services, with Jewelree Haus you can change your style deck whenever you want, to shuffle your wardrobe or try a whole new look the next month.

Ace up your sleeve:

Need that extra piece of flash for a truly winning hand? Upgrade to the Jewelree Haus Annual Subscription to receive a fourth "Ace" piece each month. 

The Cards:

The jewelry cards can be reused, and are designed with the pictures of real Jewelree Haus customers - you could be next! Post a picture of your favorite Jewelree Haus selfie with #jewelreehaus and send a link of the post to with the subject "Jewelree Haus Style Card" for a chance to have your picture on a future Jewelree Haus card.

The Box:

Each Jewelree Haus box is designed to display your jewelry. Organize and display your jewelry your way, or pack for an easy and lightweight jewelry travel case.


Annual Subscribers pay once yearly at a discount. Monthly Subscribers pay each month.

Subscriptions are non-refundable but can be paused or canceled at anytime. The subscription features jewelry designs by Kevia, with real gold and silver plating, and hypoallergenic posts.