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Marble Vase Add On

$38.00 $15.00

JourneeBox subscribers can choose between our marble and gold ceramic jar or our ceramic vase with a bamboo lid for the Qingdao box. 

The brown ceramic vase measures 5 ¾” tall with a lid measuring 1⁄4” thick. Its base measures just under 2 1/2” wide, but widens to 4” wide on top. The ceramic vase features a sustainably-sourced airtight natural bamboo lid and traditional Chinese patterns on its ceramic body. Its lid features a rubber ring designed for practically air-tight storage.

This beautiful multi-use ceramic jar measures just under 5” tall and just over 3” wide at its base. The top of the marble jar measures just over 2 1/2” wide, making it the perfect size for a countertop, mantle or desk. It features a white marble pattern with a gold accent rim.  In their recycled paper packaging, both of these items act as environmentally-friendly reusable containers that can be used to store dry goods, sweet treats, writing utensils and any other goodies that you can think of.