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JourneeBox Founder Kevia Jeffrey-West Launches “JourneeWell”
— a Personal Protection Subscription Box that Gives Back

New Monthly Subscription Kit provides consumers with greater protection and peace of mind while donating up 1 million PPEs to frontline workers in underserved communities.

PORTLAND, Oregon (June 22, 2020) — Kevia Jeffrey-West, JourneeBox founder and CEO, announces JourneeWell — a monthly subscription kit featuring masks and hand sanitizer proven effective against Coronavirus by the CDC. Available June 30th, JourneeWell is designed for families or individuals seeking protection against COVID-19. Each kit is thoughtfully packaged in an antimicrobial “Go Bag.” For each subscription, JourneeWell will donate one to six PPEs to frontline workers serving urban communities and rural areas.

While collecting products for her family, Jeffrey-West realized that as a Black business owner with a global supply chain, she could help communities in greater need and disproportionately affected by COVID. “My perspective shifted upon realizing that many of my current beauty and apparel factories were already making PPEs” she says, “however, everything was packaged by the dozen for the medical community.” One day, she put a mask, gloves and a thank you note in a Ziploc bag and taped it to her front door for a delivery person. She soon began making her own single-use kits. “I designed them to answer the question, what do I need to feel safe at home and in the outside world?”


Monthly subscription models allow Kevia to offer products for 50% off regular retail prices.

The six types of JourneeWell kits, all delivered in sustainable packaging, include:

The JourneeWell Solo Kit Individual personal care products including hand sanitizer packed in an antimicrobial Go Bag. Pricing starts at $33 /month.

The JourneeWell Family Kit Personal care products for families of four, including hand sanitizer packed in an antimicrobial Go Bag. Pricing starts at $78/month.

The JourneeWell Away Kit - Basic Individually packaged daily-use PPEs including reusable antimicrobial masks that filter 95% of particles. Pricing starts at $33/month.

The JourneeWell Away Kit - Essential Individually packaged, daily use PPEs including KN95 masks. Pricing starts at $47/month.

The JourneeWell Away Kit - Employer Individually packaged daily PPEs including KN95 masks.Designed for employers needing 100+ subscriptions/month. Pricing based on customizable contents.

The JourneeWell Appreciation Kit: One disposable mask with filtration and a thank you notecard. Individual kits are priced at $3/kit.

On June 30, JourneeBox will give away three twelve month subscriptions valued at over $900, and on July 1, 1,000,000 units will be sold at below market prices in an exclusive flash sale. Items include 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, KN95 masks, and 1 million reusable face masks for $1 each.

Armed with an international supply chain through Jeffrey-West’s established company, JourneeWell offers safety and peace of mind while addressing the public health crisis. “The idea that each of us can make a difference has never been more true,” says Jeffrey-West. “I don’t have all the answers, but I start each day with our motto in mind: Be Safe. Be Kind. JourneeWell."


About JourneeBox and Kevia

Founded by Kevia Jeffrey-West in 2006, Kevia is a lifestyle brand committed to fair trade and environmental sustainability. Carried by high-end national retailers in over 21 countries, Kevia’s jewelry, accessories, and apparel have been featured in O Magazine, InStyle, Teen Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar and worn by celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Blake Lively. Kevia is responsible for the design, production and vetting of every product. For more information about Kevia Jeffrey-West, the Kevia brand, JourneeBox and JourneeWell, visit

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